Mason and Carrie ~ July 13, 2019

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Sometimes the most scenic roads in life are the detours that you didn't mean to take. Mason, and his girlfriend, Carrie, took a detour returning home from their vacation to Minnesota, and it was definitely not intended!
"Mason and I took turns driving. He drove on the way up to Minnesota, and I was supposed to drive on the way home," Carrie recalled. The couple was on their first vacation together. They had met their freshman year at Northeast Community College in Norfolk in the game room. The two had hit it off almost instantly and had become the best of friends. A year later, in the summer of 2012, they took the next step and started dating.
Now, 6 years later, Mason and Carrie were out of school and still inseparable. Mason was working as a farmer, and Carrie had started her career as a draftsman and a volunteer fire fighter. They had planned the trip to Minnesota as a way to commemorate their long relationship.
And, while everything had gone fairly smooth, getting home proved to be the tricky part. Carrie decided to take a different route home, perhaps hoping to see some beautiful countryside or maybe even save some time. It turned out to be a terrible decision. The trip was much longer, and Mason didn't help matters, turning into an awful backseat driver. By the time they had reached Nebraska, Carrie was furious at him. "She didn't even talk to me for the last hour and a half of the trip, " Mason said. "I thought it was funny and took a picture of her 'mad face," he laughed.
Carrie didn't share his humor -- and she didn't enjoy the scenery. All she wanted was to get home. When they finally arrived, they went separate ways. Carrie needed to pick up their dog from her parent's home, and Mason said he had an errand to run. The hours passed, and Carrie had the car completely unpacked, yet Mason still hadn't returned.
What Carrie didn't know was that Mason had planned the whole trip with a special reason in mind. He wanted to propose to Carrie in Minnesota at a perfect moment. But nothing had gone to plan. Shortly before they had left, Mason had learned that the custom ring he had ordered for his girlfriend wouldn't be ready in time. Disappointed, he had gone through with his vacation plans, but the ring had been in the back of his mind the entire time. As soon as he had returned home, he had high-tailed it to the jeweler's. He just couldn't wait any longer, special moment or not.
When Mason returned home, Carrie was in the kitchen. Walking in, he asked her, "Did you have a nice vacation with me?" Still fuming, she mumbled, "I guess," in reply. "Well, I have another question for you, too," he said casually. Carrie glanced over, just in time to see Mason kneel on one knee and pull out a ringbox.  She was completely shocked, and in the special moment that followed, her anger completely vanished.
While their return trip had been rocky, Carrie and Mason had still ended up at a beautiful destination. They announced their engagement to the joy of their family and friends and then began planning a summer 2019 wedding. On July 13th, they two were married at St. Michael's Catholic Church in Spalding. Their day was the perfect summer wedding, full of country charm with cowboy boots, lace and burlap and beautiful bouquets of wood flowers.
In the future, the two plan to continue doing everything together, enjoying the friendship that started 8 years ago this month. Their Minnesota vacation will never be forgotten, as their very first trip together, with many more yet to come. But, next time, they'll probably skip the detour - unless, of course, Mason is driving.
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Mona Buschelman(non-registered)
What a great story, and Mason your teasing got you in trouble, did it not, but lucky for you, you recovered, and what a way to do it!!! As you know Carrie you ned a sense of humor when you are around Mason. And I know that h likes to push your button as h does mine, But you gotta love him.Best of luck to both of you and WELCOME to the FAMILY!!!!
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