Ryan & Danica ~ August 4, 2019

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I first met Danica when I photographed her brother's wedding. Over the years, as I've done portraits for her family and high school graduation, I've got to know her quite well. She's one of those girls that would be tough not to like -- she has a good attitude about most everything and loves to laugh. She has a kind, loving heart, and you'll often find her sharing her musical talents with others. I looked forward to the day I knew God would bring someone special into her life. So, when she called and told me she was engaged, I was very excited. I couldn't wait to meet her Ryan and see what type of guy he was. I hoped he would compliment her well.

When it came time to photograph their engagement, I finally had my chance. And, let's just say, I was not disappointed. From the fun we had during our session, I could tell that Danica and Ryan are perfectly paired. It was easy to see that they really enjoy being with each other and making one another laugh. Perhaps the reason they connect so well is because Ryan shares Danica's 3 great loves -- music, people and the Lord.  When I asked Danica how she had found this great guy, she told me that that they had known each other practically forever. "Our parents have been really good friends for years.  We are only about a year apart so we had a lot of classes in school together.  We have a lot of silly memories from those years. We pretty much enjoy doing anything as long as we’re together."

In April, Ryan took Danica out to dinner and then drove with her to Lake Esther. She assumed they were just going to go for a walk and to enjoy the scenery. But, Ryan had something important on his mind. He asked Danica to sit with him for a moment on a nearby bench, and there, he asked her the most simple and beautiful question -- would she share the rest of her life with him?

Danica's answer was a very happy "yes." The two chose August 4, 2019 for a wedding at the Bible Baptist Church in Columbus. It turned out to be a splendid summer day with blue skies and temperatures in the 80's. Danica's grandmother had designed her bouquet of soft pink, blue and ivory flowers, which was lovely next to her lace and tulle wedding gown. Ryan and his groomsman wore navy suits,  a perfect compliment to the bridesmaids in their pink dresses and pearls. From start to the finish, their day was classy and beautiful, just as I had anticipated. I was overjoyed to be included in their plans, and I wish them a wonderful life, one that continues to be filled with friendship, laughter and love.


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