Bryce and Brooke ~ November 9, 2019

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Sometimes a misunderstanding can lead to great things. It was a simple misunderstanding that brought Brooke and Bryce together one warm July evening. Brooke, a pretty blonde who works as a bookkeeper, was at a street dance when she saw a guy she thought she knew. “I want up and tapped him on the shoulder to say hi,” she said. But when he turned...
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Tymon and Fiona ~ November 2, 2019

December 02, 2019  •  1 Comment
Have you ever met someone you immediately click with? Someone who you're comfortable with, like you've known them your whole life? You don't have to pretend to be anyone else with them. When you're together, laughing comes easy, and life is good. That must have been how Tymon and Fiona felt with they met in the summer of 2008. The two high school...
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Jacob and Tori ~ October 19, 2019

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A recent study by a college professor found that laughter is one of the strongest keys to a happy marriage. Couples need to playfully tease one another and enjoy jokes and other humor in order to increase their odds of a long-lasting union. This should be good news for Tori and Jacob, who began dating in 2016 after they were introduced by some f...
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Justin and Jordan ~ October 12, 2019

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On October 12th, a beautiful fall day, Justin and Jordan were married at Peace Lutheran Church in Columbus. The couple had met online and talked for over a month before their first date. They continued to see each other, growing close as time passed. Almost two years later, Justin woke Jordan early one morning. He had told her he wanted to go watch...
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Spencer and Rachel ~ August 24, 2019

September 17, 2019  •  2 Comments
Have you ever answered a question before it was asked? Rachel, a pretty brunette surgery coordinator, did! And it was about the most important question of her life. It came from Spencer, the salesman she had been dating for two years. Although Rachel and Spencer attended the same Nebraska high school, there were several years separating them and p...
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