Lance and Kelly ~ August 10th, 2019

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The old R&B song, “Just One Look,” comes to mind when you hear how Kelly, a pretty brunette, fell for Lance on a wintery day. “Just one look and I fell so hard in love with you... Just one look and I knew that you were my only one... Just one look and I know I'll get you someday, Just one look that's all it took...” It was November 2016 and Kelly...
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Ryan & Danica ~ August 4, 2019

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I first met Danica when I photographed her brother's wedding. Over the years, as I've done portraits for her family and high school graduation, I've got to know her quite well. She's one of those girls that would be tough not to like -- she has a good attitude about most everything and loves to laugh. She has a kind, loving heart, and you'll often...
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Adam and Hannah ~ August 3, 2019

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An ancient Chinese proverb says "Good advice is beyond all price." Adam can recall a time he was given advice regarding his dating life. At the time, he had no idea how valuable the words from his friend were. But as it turned out, that wise counsel changed everything, even the course of his life. Adam had just returned from a first date with a gi...
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Cade and Haley ~ July 27, 2019

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"Little did she know..." That well-known phrase can certainly describe this pretty bride. Little did Haley know when she was in Mrs. Flodman’s kindergarten class that the little red-haired boy standing behind her in the lunch line was going to, one day, be the love of her life. “Since the line was in alphabetical order, Cade stood right behind me...
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Mason and Carrie ~ July 13, 2019

August 08, 2019  •  1 Comment
Sometimes the most scenic roads in life are the detours that you didn't mean to take. Mason, and his girlfriend, Carrie, took a detour returning home from their vacation to Minnesota, and it was definitely not intended! "Mason and I took turns driving. He drove on the way up to Minnesota, and I was supposed to drive on the way home," Carrie reca...
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