Rebekah & Caleb

February 10, 2014  •  1 Comment

I had such an amazing shoot yesterday! One thing made it particularly special - the bride-to-be is my beautiful sister-in-law! Our family is excited beyond measure to welcome Caleb into the family. They are planning a spring wedding, one of the five weddings we have booked for May! Yesterday, it was FREEZING cold outside - I think the temperature was in the single digits. So, every few minutes we had to hop back in the car to warm up! But, they were troopers, and we had a great time. I learned that Rebekah can throw a mean snow ball, but Caleb knows how to dish it right back! Love these two! 


Jackie Weiss(non-registered)
The snow made a wonderful backdrop! Great pictures of a beautiful couple. Happy for Becky and Caleb!
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