Alex & Lisa ~ June 12, 2015

June 25, 2015  •  1 Comment

June 12th marks a very special day for Alex and his family. No one knows how the tradition started, but they do know that the last three generations (possibly four) in their family have chosen this particular date for their wedding anniversary. So, when it came time for Alex and his bride, Lisa, to announce their own wedding, there was only one date to choose from. They wanted to carry on the significance of June 12th in the Laudenklos family and in their own home.

The day started at Sleep Inn in Columbus, where the room was a bustle. Lisa, her sisters and friends were all getting styled, enjoying fun drinks and having a good time preparing for the much anticipated day. The air was thick with hair spray, perfume and lots of laughter. Then, we were off to the beautiful St. Isidore's for the most important part, the sacred exchange of vows and rings. 

The reception took place at the VFW in Columbus, where every detail was tastefully cared for. Coral and peach roses, baby's breath, and burlap adorned the candle-lit tables, and a photo booth in the corner provided much entertainment. Nicole and I enjoyed the day so much, and we were honored to be a part of it. Thank you, Alex and Lisa, for allowing us to photograph your memories. We hope you enjoy each photo! Congratulations, and our best wishes for many years of happiness to a very deserving couple!

Alex & Lisa


Lisa Steinke(non-registered)
I am SO happy for you two! Everything looks perfect...just the way a wedding day should be! Congrats!
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