Kale & Laura ~ August 15, 2015

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"Sometimes, love just happens." That’s what Laura always likes to say. And that was true on the October evening when they met at a little roadside bar. Neither was looking for love but there they were. Kale, who had just left his job at a cattle farm, was covered in manure. It wasn't how he'd hoped to look on the day he met his future wife, but there she was - the pretty, blue-eyed college student, who had come in with a friend to take a break from studies. They noticed each other. They began to talk.  Love starts slow.  
Love kept growing, and five years later, the two were on a camping trip with friends.  Laura sat down on a bench and turned to see where Kale went. There he was, on one knee, asking her the question of a lifetime.  This summer on a perfectly lovely day, they stood before family and friends and joined their lives. The ceremony at Christ Lutheran in Columbus, followed by the reception at Humphrey Hall, was full of joy.  Love always does that.




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