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Eric and Tiffany ~ September 24, 2016

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Ralph Waldo Emerson must have loved the outdoors, for he is quoted as saying, “Live in the sunshine. Swim in the sea. Drink the wild air.” Perhaps it was a similar love that drew Eric and Tiffany together in high school many years ago. The couple have been together ever since, and they found their favorite times were spent hunting, fishing and soaking up the sun in Nebraska’s wide open spaces. So when it came time to make a once-in-a-lifetime memory, Eric knew exactly where he wanted to be. 
Let’s go fishing,” the lineman told Tiffany one day when she got in from her job as a sales rep. She quickly agreed, and the couple drove out to Leigh Lake, rods in hand. The lake has a number of trees in the water, and Tiffany, being the tomboy she is, had always told Eric she wanted to climb one of them. After some time, Eric pulled over to a tree, and said, “Well, here’s your chance.” Always one for adventure, Tiffany didn’t hesitate. Quickly she scaled the tree, after which Eric joined her for a picture. Then he challenged her to see how high she could go. Tiffany climbed as high as she could, while Eric went back to the boat. When she couldn’t go any further, she quickly scaled back down the tree and turned to join Eric. When she saw him, she was surprised to see him down on one knee with something small in hand. He had one question, and it was met with an excited and happy "yes."
It was a rainy day when the couple were married at St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Howells, but nothing could daunt their joy. Seven and half years after they had met, the couple exchanged rings to the clashing sounds of pelting rain and thunder echoing through the church. When the rain finally stopped, Tiffany was prepared. She slipped on her favorite cowboy boots under her gorgeous gown, grabbed her husband’s hand and dashed outside for wedding pictures. One day, Eric and Tiffany hope to buy a farm, raise some animals, and of course, have a few children. And undoubtedly, those children will also love the great outdoors, just like their mom and dad. 

Eric and Tiffany


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