Jacob and Shelby ~ October 1, 2016

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Sometimes a girl’s just gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.


That was the case for Shelby. She had known Jacob for nearly 12 years. The two met when Shelby came by Jacob’s farm because her aunt was purchasing a heifer from him. Both thought the other was pretty cute and liked each other's traits. Jacob appreciated Shelby’s strong will, her energy and passion, and she was impressed by how kind he was, that he would always willingly do things for others. Over time, they became good friends.


But for Shelby, their relationship began to mean a lot more.


“I was head over heels in love with him, and he had absolutely no idea,” she confessed. She waited and waited for Jacob to make the first move, but finally decided she had to take action.


“I asked him out first, I told him I loved him first, I kissed him. It was all me,” she admits laughing. But then she had the great joy of finding out that Jacob felt exactly the same way about her. “Turns out, he was crazy for me, too.”


And once that was settled, Jacob asked Shelby to marry him. The two planned a beautiful outdoor country wedding that included some of the animals they loved.


“We really care about our animals, our horses, our dogs, our cattle. That’s a huge part of who we both are and who we always will be,” Shelby said. One day they hope to purchase a ranch where they can raise animals.  


So on October 1st, a gorgeous fall day, friends and family gathered on the property of Palestine Baptist Church near St. Ed. Sitting on wooden boards propped up by hay bales, they got to witness a unique and joyful wedding. The bridesmaids carried small bundles of wheat, and, like the groomsmen, wore cowboy boots. The little ring bearers walked down the aisle, accompanied by the couple’s two dogs. Instead of lighting a unity candle, Jacob and Shelby branded a wooden plaque with a unique symbol of their love and union.


And after the “I Do’s” were done, the newlyweds mounted their steeds, joined hands and rode off down a country road together, ready to start their “happily ever after.” 


Jacob & Shelby


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