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Nathan and Megan ~ October 8, 2016

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Every little girl dreams of her wedding day, but Megan turned her dreams into playtime. She can still remember playing dress-up with her best friend, Ashley. They would wobble around in high heels, dress in princess gowns, and share giggles. Taking turns pretending it was their wedding day was a favorite activity and could take a whole afternoon to plan and execute perfectly.

Eventually, the two girls grew up. Megan was there when Ashley's dream came true, when she walked down the aisle in her wedding gown.

For Megan, true love took time. She might have wondered if her turn would ever come. But, of course, it did. Nathan showed up just when he was meant to. She met Nathan through several friends and learned that they had something in common - a daughter from a previous relationship. The two began to date and found that they had other things in common. Both loved football. Megan's team was the Dallas Cowboy's; Nathan cheered for the Chicago Bears.  

After a few years of seeing each other, Nathan and Megan and their girls took a vacation together to California where Nathan's family lives. On the last evening of their trip in downtown Disney next to a beautiful water fountain, Megan got the surprise of her life. Nathan handed a camera to his daughter, who started videotaping. Just like a real-life fairy tale, the two younger girls watched in delight as Nathan got down on one knee and proposed to Megan.

On Saturday, October 8th, exactly three years and three days after she and Nathan started dating, Megan drove to St. Anthony's Catholic Church. She slipped into a beautiful wedding gown and Ashley handed her a pretty bouquet of blue and orange flowers. Now, it was Megan's turn to walk down the aisle. For real. And, waiting for her at the end, with love in his eyes, was the man of her dreams. 

Nathan and Megan


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