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Mike & Suzi ~ July 23, 2016

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Sometimes, love takes time. This was true for Mike and Suzi. They first met at a high school football game, but, there wasn't much of a spark. Living in different states, they may have never seen each other again but God had other plans. Two of their mutual friends were married the following year, so Mike and Suzi ended up at the same wedding. "We were actually 'forced' to dance with each other," Suzi recalls, and this time, a small flame was kindled. All summer, Suzi realized that she couldn't stop thinking about Mike. Finally, she found the nerve to send a Facebook message. "How's South Dakota treating ya?" That was all it took. The simple message led to a reply, several text messages, a phone call, and finally, a first date. 

They met in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the halfway point between Watertown, where Mike was from, and Omaha, where Suzi was from. The whole day was planned on a whim - but it was a perfect first date that included a long walk around the Falls, bowling, a baseball game and fireworks. At the close of the evening, Mike asked Suzi to be his girlfriend. She happily agreed. Fast forward one year, and the couple met again at Sioux Falls to celebrate their one-year anniversary. Little did Suzi know, Mike planned to ask another question on the memorable occasion. He wrote her a letter and had her close her eyes half way through it, as he read. When he finished reading the letter, Suzi opened her eyes to see a beautiful ring. Mike had another surprise to top off the evening; earlier, in front of Suzi, he had made reservations for 4 for dinner. Suzi had no clue who was joining them and was puzzled all afternoon. When she saw her parents walk through the door of the restaurant, she lost it. Mike had created another perfect day for his new fiancée. 

On July 23rd, Mike and Suzi joined hands and were married at St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Norfolk. It was a beautiful summer day, perfect for a wedding. Love may not have started at first impression, but it was now in full bloom, for all to celebrate. 

Mike & Suzi


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