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Parker & Erica ~ August 27, 2016

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Erica remembers seeing Parker walk down the hall in her college dormitory. She thought the tall dark haired boy was cute, so she did what any girl in the twenty-first century might do in her shoes - she used Facebook to message him. However, her message was probably one of the most creative ones a boy might have ever received. She asked him to play MarioKart with her. After all, what boy ever turns down a video game? Her gamble played off, as she immediately hooked Parker. Side by side, the two played, laughed and bonded; sometimes, Parker won and sometimes Erica did. They began to hang out frequently, forming a close friendship. Eventually, Erica asked Parker if he might want to be more than just friends, and he again agreed.

In 2015, Parker took Erica up on top of the beautiful Briar Cliff Hill in Iowa and got down on one knee. This time, it was Erica's turn to say yes, which she did with all her heart. In August, after being together for over 5 years, Parker and Erica exchanged wedding vows at St. Isidore's Catholic Church in Columbus. The two best friends and soul mates have now became husband and wife. I guess one could say that one of the best decisions Parker ever made was to play Mario Kart. After all, it changed his life, and who could have expected that?

Parker and Erica


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