Curt & Susan ~ October 28, 2017

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Curt and Susan were lucky in love from the start. Their first meeting should have been doomed to failure. After all, it was a blind date -- something even the urban dictionary recommends avoiding at all cost. Everyone knows -- blind dates can go horribly wrong, leaving a hopeful single with only an outlandish or humorous tale to share with others. But Curt and Susan beat the odds. When a friend set them up, they struck gold. They found friendship, love and a lifelong relationship. This month, the lucky lovers have been together for 10 years.

Perhaps it was that upcoming anniversary that made them decide it was time to take the next step. On Oct. 28, a chilly fall day, Curt and Susan were married at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Shelby, Nebraska. Surrounded by their happy family and friends, the two exchanged vows and rings in a beautiful ceremony. Holding hands, they made a promise to love one another forever. Forever? That might seem like a risky commitment, but for Curt and Susan, the promise is based on more than just future hopes. They already have a decade of love behind them, a love that started on one of those blind dates when they suddenly realized that they were two of the lucky ones . . . lucky in love from the start, and lucky, no doubt, forever.

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Curt & Susan


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