Matthew and Josie ~ June 11, 2017

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Some people have to travel around the world to find their soulmate. Others discover that they have known their's all along. Matthew and Josie grew up together in the same small town. Their parents were friends, and they attended the same school. Perhaps they first met in the church nursery or the sandbox or in primary school; they don't really remember. But somehow along the way, they formed a friendship. They navigated through childhood together, learning life's lessons, making memories, playing hard, and growing up. As time passed, they found that their relationship had grown into something more, something deep and real and true. 

One Christmas, eighteen months after they started dating, Matthew knelt before the lovely woman he had grown to love and asked her to be his wife. With their parent's blessing, they began planning what would be a very special day. One June 11, 2017, Matthew and Josie were married at the Bible Baptist Church in Columbus, where they had started life together. It was a beautiful summer wedding with soft hues of pink and green, a couple surrounded by family and friends, and much love.  Now the two who have known each other all their lives get something even better: the hope and joy of growing old together.

Matthew and Josie


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