Adam & Kayla ~ April 14, 2018

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Adam and Kayla first met a few years ago playing co-ed softball. They both loved playing sports and quickly hit it off. Within a short time, they were dating.

A few years passed, and Adam started planning a special way to propose. Without a doubt in his heart, he knew Kayla was the one for him. One day, while she was gone, Adam found some rope lights and tape and went to work. Kayla soon arrived home and went into the kitchen, but she was suddenly surprised when the electricity went off in the room. She had just walked into the living room, trying to locate Adam, when he turned on the rope lights. Emblazoned across the wall were two simple words, but to Kayla, they spoke volumes: "Marry Me." Totally surprised and overjoyed, she answered, "yes!" and hugged Adam.

Little did they know, it would not be the last time that the electricity would go off on a most romantic day. But, more on that later!

The two got to work planning. They chose April 14th, 2018 for the big date, hoping for a lovely spring wedding. As the day drew closer, however, the weather report grew darker, and the couple soon realized that the temperamental Nebraska climate was not going to play in their favor. When the long-anticipated Saturday arrived, so did blowing snow, icy wind and freezing temperatures. But, Adam & Kayla didn't allow the day's forecast to ruin their wedding. Their love and happiness couldn't be shaken, no matter what the skies were doing outdoors. Even though we couldn't do outdoor pictures, and indoors, the church electricity was intermittent, Kayla wore a beautiful smile on her face. She was absolutely radiant in her lace gown, and Adam was the perfect groom. Their guests turned out in full solidarity at St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church, happy to see the two love birds tie the knot. Later on, at the elegantly decorated River's Edge Convention Center, Adam and Kayla partied with their family and friends and danced the night away. Their day had turned out lovely. They had weathered their first storm as husband and wife brilliantly, and their future forecast from here on out seems like nothing but blue skies.

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