Peter and Allison ~ August 18, 2018

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In the end, you always go back to the people who were there in the beginning. Allison and Peter's relationship started early while they were but sixth graders. The two met while on visitation day for students soon transferring to middle school. Allison, a petite brunette, noted that Peter was a kind and funny kid who enjoyed helping others. He especially loved bringing smiles to the faces around him, and he was particularly good at doing that for her.

When Peter and Allison first met, they had no idea just how important they would become to each other. They just knew they had found a great friend. But, that's often how love begins. Almost six years later, in the 12th grade, on the cusp of another life transition, they started dating. The couple shared a love of adventure and the great outdoors. They could often be found fishing, camping, going on walks or just being outside together.

A few years after graduation, Peter realized that there would never be anyone else for him, no one other than Allison. It was a compilation of moments, a feeling that had grown steadily, one that now presented itself as a certainty in his soul. There was no life for him apart from Allison. He enlisted her sister, Nicole, to help him plan a perfect proposal. Nicole took Allison to get her nails down and then to the movies. While she was distracted, Peter set up a romantic candle lit dinner in her apartment, complete with her favorite entrée and dessert from the Olive Garden. The evening was a complete success.

On August 18th, Peter and Allison were married at St. Boniface Catholic Church in Elgin. Following the lovely ceremony, they celebrated with an elegant reception at Werner Hall in Petersburg. Their day was the kind of the day that's filled with joy and happy tears, a day celebrating a love that was always meant to be and that has finally come to fruition. The new Mr. and Mrs. will start their lives together in York, Peter as an agronomist and Allison as a RN. The things that brought them together in the beginning  - kindness, laughter and an abiding friendship  - will go with them as they face the future together.


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